Sunday, September 6, 2015

Karkotak Nageshwar

Karkotak Nageshwar is located at nag kuan near Jaitpura Police Station.A person who bathes in Karkotak Well and worships Karkotak Nageshwar need not have fear of death due to any kind of poison.  No venom will be able to find way inside his body.It is worth mentioning here that Karkotak Nageshwar Ling is submerged in the water of Karkotak Well.When the water level recedes or the water is removed for cleaning purposes, the Ling becomes visible.  However, as long as the Ling remains submerged in the water, the water in the well attains divinity and people pray this well with all divinity.
However, at the main entrance just before going to the Nag Kuan, there is a temple, where one Shiv Ling has been installed which is worshiped as Nageshwar.

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